July. One Photo Focus.

Once a month, Stacy at Visual Venturing hosts an editing challenge called One Photo Focus. Basically, the goal is for several people to edit one picture. The interesting part is to see all the different edits that are possible on that one picture.

This month’s picture comes from Bren Ryan of RyanPhotography.


I played around with it some and came up with this:

MLunato 1PF

I cannot recall what I did exactly. However, I know I applied some filters in the filter gallery. And then played with the saturation and brightness and contrast. So nothing too out of the box or too creative either.

My lack of creativity this month is very noticeable too when you click over to Stacy’s post. Wow. There are some amazing edits on this adorable house. Kind of makes my edit very boring. So, I think you should go look at their edits and forget you saw mine, lol. Bravo to the group!




9 thoughts on “July. One Photo Focus.

        1. I just got a new laptop for my Army photography job that has Lightroom in it. And I also got some DVD from National Geographic on various photography techniques. So I’m excited to play around and see what I don’t know and can create. I am sure it’s a lot! lol

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