Anniversary. My First Door has Been Updated.

It has been a complete year now since I joined the Thursday Door Challenge. So, as a special anniversary post, I thought I would show you the construction on my very first door post.

When I first saw the archway complete with dark boards making a makeshift door that was padlocked shut, I thought, “Hey, I could use this for that door challenge I saw.”

Ironically, I recently returned to Apalachicola, Florida, and saw the door again. This time however, the door was different. It was certainly not as bold and mysterious anymore. But, perhaps its on the way to becoming something even more grand one day soon. Maybe for anniversary two perhaps?


Apalachichola, Florida

April 2016


For Norm 2.0’s Thursday Door Challenge


10 thoughts on “Anniversary. My First Door has Been Updated.

    1. Me too. Otherwise it is just a waste of a great space that is right on the water too. I am curious as to what the other side of the building looks like though as the roof seems to not be in some areas….

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  1. There’s lots of potential to do something seriously beautiful in an entrance way like that. I guess you’ll have to go back again in another year to update us on their progress 😉

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