Mission. Give Love.

With the ugliness and violence in the news lately, I wanted to share something happy.

In November 2010, I went on a mission to hand out toys to the kids and dry goods to the parents. It was a simple mission of interaction, but the rewards of that interaction were powerful for the Soldiers. Peaceful interaction, especially with children, always makes the Soldiers happy as it reminds them of home and real life.

I just wish the world was a simple as this humanitarian deployment mission. We weren’t different races, nationalities, sexes, religions, or cultures that day. Nope. We were just humans learning about each other’s needs and coexisting peacefully. (And yes, we had weapons as that was the posture prescribed for that time period of the war.)

Nov 14 village visit101

To see more pictures from this day and an article, just click here.

I hope your day is filled with smiles, love and peace wherever you are in the world.


~ Nato

8 thoughts on “Mission. Give Love.

    1. Thank you. Documenting actions while on a patrol is a quick thing. It is grab it and go and work quickly with the lighting, shadows, or whatever is going on. And then there is the factor of trying to capture the moments of emotion. But…I love it! It is my favorite type of photography.


      1. Well you do a great job! That’s one of the reasons I don’t like doing weddings. It’s a very quick event and you have to be ready at all time for those “candid moments” I’m always so afraid of missing them while fiddling with my camera

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Oh that is a real struggle idea. I am sure I have missed a moment or two here and there. The key is to anticipate the main moments and then stand ready the rest of the time. I can’t lie, after holding my camera for 8-12 hours, my hand and eyes are tired!


    1. It is definitely hard too at times. It saddens me deeply that I am more worried at home than deployed. The solutions seemed easier over there at times. And if we don’t join together, we can never fix this craziness.


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