Door. With a Menacing Man.

Earlier this year, my boyfriend and I took a spontaneous trip to Wakulla Springs, Florida. The spring, which was the location for shooting movies such as Tarzan and Creature from the Black Lagoon, was quite interesting.

While we were walking around the hotel there, my boyfriend started pointing out interesting doors. “Hey, there is a door for your blog.”

“Indeed. Thanks!” And what a lovely door it was.

IMG_7247 copy

So now, I have a door accomplice. Nice. As we walk to another spot on the grounds, he stands there and then asks if he wants me to shut the iron doors so I can get a better shot. As he is standing there, I take a test shot and start laughing. He looked creepy in the old hotel doorway. You look like a stalker in this beautiful door, I laugh.

IMG_7251 copy

So of course, we have a good time with that idea and find yet another door. So here you go. Here is your Thursday door post for this week…complete with a shadowy man who appears quite menacing at times.

IMG_7252 copy

To see more doors from Wakulla Springs (without the man), just click here or here. And to see some of the springs themselves, click here, here or here.  (And I still have a tone that I have not even posted yet.)  Oh, and he really is not menacing. In reality, he is quite lovely and I adore him:)

Happy Thursday Door!

Now go check out the host’s post below.


For Norm 2.0’s Thursday Doors.


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