July. The Changing Seasons. (2016)

I truly love something about every month. However, July is especially fun because of fireworks and picnics and beaches, oh yeah, and my birthday.

I saw fireworks this year, but they were not on the 4th. That is only because after we ate on the 4th, we just felt like laying around the house. We were not in the mood for crowds and traffic. So we opted out of city fireworks for backyard sparklers and giggles.

This entertainment quickly turned into slow-shutter speed photography with a flashlight session though. Thanks to my model, aka my cool boyfriend, I came up with a few off-the-wall, yet cool shots. I played around adjusting the camera settings and he tried different techniques and movements. It was fun to have a partner in this creative wacky night.

Enough rambling though. Here are some of the more interesting shots, which make up my submission for Cardinal Guzman’s The Changing Seasons Challenge ~ July. Click on the badge below to go to Cardinal’s July post.



The Changing Seasons is a Monthly Photo Challenge started by CardinalGuzman.wordpress.com.

12 thoughts on “July. The Changing Seasons. (2016)

    1. Oh we had some much fun laughing and trying new things. He said his eyes needed a break from the light after awhile though, lol. Poor guy had that light in his face for a good 20 minutes.


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