August. The Changing Seasons. (2016)

I used to shoot weddings nearly three out of four times a month. Now, it is more of a sporadic shooting event since I do have two other jobs demanding my attention.

I know. Works gets in the way of my photography and social life at times. Sad, but true.

Fortunately, I can still get my wedding photography fix here and there though. A photographer friend of mine has booked a number of weddings in the next few months and needs a little help. So, I get to hang out with her a bit, play with my camera and even eat a little cake. I call that a win-win.

A couple of weekend’s ago, I helped her shoot a wedding at a lake house in Alabama. Here are a few highlights, and my contribution for Cardinal’s monthly challenge, The Changing Seasons.

To join the challenge, just click on over to Cardinal’s page. Essentially, the challenge has three options. One, you photograph the same area each month to show the changes. Two, you submit something (photos, art, digital manipulation, etc) that represents your month, wherever that may be at the time. Three, you mix it up between the same place and new places.

There are more ideas and explanations if you are just starting, so if you are interested, check out Cardinal’s post on the challenge by clicking on the badge below. Or, if  you like recipes, tattoos or witty stories, he has all that as well. Either way, it is worth the click.



The Changing Seasons is a Monthly Photo Challenge started by

13 thoughts on “August. The Changing Seasons. (2016)

    1. I love the more candid shots and romantic, yet not so posed shots. But yes, there is always a demand for the big group family shots. Not the most exciting from a photography standpoint, but is challenging trying to get everyone in there, no sun glare, see all faces and all eyes opened. Oh, and get them to all look the same way.

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  1. lovely shots. I would like to have an opportunity to ‘practice’ on a friend’s/relative’s wedding. not sure my equipment would be good enough but, as you say – some fun, some cake, win-win.

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    1. It can be even more stressful for family since you don’t want to upset them. (Not that you want upset clients either.) At least I find it more stressful to work for relatives/friends at times.


  2. Great shots, Michelle. I don’t like shooting weddings myself. Too much stress. I’d rather have to please only myself rather than the wedding party. Especially the parents of the bride.

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    1. It certainly does have stress with it. I particularly don’t like the “family photos.” Not that I don’t like people of course, but trying to wrangle up all the people and then pose them into the standard old stand-there-and-smile grouping is not photographically fun. It is also like herding cats too since people understandably want to go party rather than stand there, lol. However, these events are the few times so many people are together so the brides typically want them. I’ve had some high maintenance clients before. Phew! Talk about needing to calm down. A few girls and I at the photo studio used to joke about speaking with some foreign accent to sound elite and walk around saying, “oh, no, I cannot work like this. You get out of my picture.” Unfortunately, you can’t just whip out a foreign accent mid wedding, lol.


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