Door. From the Past to the Present.

Today’s door is a blend of old and new. Currently, it is the site of the Eagle & Phenix Historic Riverfront Living Condos.

It’s history dates all the way back to the 1800s  when the building was a cotton mill. According to their website, “Cotton milling operations began on this site when William H. Young established the Eagle Mills. In 1860 when Mr. Young absorbed the nearby Howard Factory, Eagle Mills became the second largest mill in Georgia.”

25 Aug

Columbus, Georgia

In its prime, the mill “produced material for Confederate uniforms and other critical goods during the Civil War.”

The original main mill was burned after the peace treaty between Lee and Grant was signed due to slow communication unfortunately. So the current building is actually the rebuilt structure from 1869, and was “renamed the Eagle & Phenix Mills to symbolize rising from the ashes.”

Of course, over the years mill operations have declined across the United States, so this mill was no different. From 1947 until 2003, various companies owned the mill property and modified it to some extent. Eventually, it just became unused.

The current owners, the W. C. Bradley Company, purchased it back in 2003 and have been restoring it to its 1900 condition as much as possible.

Interestingly enough, the apartment website says that a W.C. Bradley was the president and owner of the mill from 1915 to 1947.  I have to assume, its the same family as the current company ownership. It seems to be a prominent name in Columbus from what I can tell, but I’d have to do a bit more research.

But for now, I can tell you that the condos range from a 1-bedroom, 659-foot for $170,000 to a 2-bedroom, 2074-foot for $649,900. They also have apartments that range from $860 studios to $2200 2-bedrooms.

Here are a few pictures from their site:

This is what the view is like of the building, from the opposite side of the river. It’s the building to the left of the water tower. So, as you can see, the residents have a great view of the river and are right downtown.


Great view, close to shops, AND preserving a bit of history, I guess that makes it all a great place to live. I myself, prefer a little bit of a yard for now. But maybe later in life, a city condo would work just fine. I am just happy that the grand old building has new life in it.


For Norm 2.0’s Thursday Door Challenge.


15 thoughts on “Door. From the Past to the Present.

        1. Ha ha! It was fun to meet my first blogger in real life, and to take a doorscusion with the leader of the door movement himself! I can’t wait to look through the pictures.

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      1. I agree. It seems to be easier to rebuild than repair these days. I would like to find about more about these old buildings. There seems to be some interesting history there. I forgot to mention that the bottom floor of the building also houses a very fancy restaurant, Epic. I’ve been there twice. Very fancy and pricey indeed, but a total experience worth a special occasion. There is another mill/factory building not far from there that I need to check out now too. It burned in 2008 and I just noticed it has been somewhat restored and rebuilt as an event center. I will have to go over there and check that place out now too.

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    1. Funny really. I was flipping through pictures and came across some senior picture folder and this one random door picture was in there. (I was shooting the senior pictures in the area.) So I figured I would post this sad lonely singular door picture before it was forgotten again. Then I said…hhhmmm, let me see if I can find some history on this place since I know it was a factory of some sort long ago. So I did a little and find some info. Then, I went back through my already posted pictures and found the shot from across the river. So, it was like the door chose to be featured this week and I just haphazardly agreed!

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        1. So true. I’ve written a few things where I was like, “Where did that come from?” OH hey, I am actually on my way to meet Norm 2.0 today! He’s in GA. Any questions you want me to ask the “door cult” leader in person?

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