Death. Of Hopes and Dreams?

As I was wandering some Atlanta streets, I noticed something odd.

First, on the top of a retaining wall near the sidewalk was a small handmade cross.

Oddball 34 c

I noticed it and wondered, what sadness does this represent. Then, just a few feet later, I saw an alcohol bottle and a toppled over flag.

Oddball 34 a

After fixing the flag, I joked, “I wonder what this is all about? Maybe somebody’s hopes and dreams died here.”

Then I looked up and kept walking. Just a few more feet from there, I saw a political campaign house.

Oddball 34 b

I couldn’t help but laugh at the irony of my dying hopes and dreams comment when I saw a campaign house. And the irony of a tech company’s truck in front of “Hillary’s” house considering all the hub bub on server and email scandals.

Not that I am against or for Hillary, but this political season has certainly been odd and embarrassing for America at times. This odd scene made me want to find a Trump house too, so I could be equal and fair in my oddball challenge submission…but I could not.

So, take it from this undecided, do-not-claim-any-party voter, I think my view of American politics has sunk a little this year. In the past, I always picked who I liked and believed the most.

This year is odd indeed as the choices seems to be: who do you dislike the least? who is less embarrassing? who is capable? who is honest?

I can’t answer those questions. Nor will I give you my opinions…cuz I am a bit baffled frankly. So, I will leave it as a mere oddball challenge submission and not a political statement.



6 thoughts on “Death. Of Hopes and Dreams?

    1. I couldn’t help but laugh at all the irony to my questioning comment before I even saw the house. Oh, Lord help us. Our politics are a hot mess. Yet, from listening to NPR lately, many other countries are having their political issues too. Perhaps we should just get rid of all politics? They seem to cause quite the uproar…and drinking from this picture.


      1. It’s just awful everywhere. It’s the classic division of what’s been around for centuries and it’s cropping up in the civilized world now which imho will be the demise of civilization eventually. But then I’m very cynical to all this (obviously). Supposedly we are the greatest country in the world and all we can come up with is these people? It is soooo corrupt.

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        1. Lol, it does seem to be a limited selection indeed. Maybe all the good ones don’t want to run anymore since things get so ridiculous. I know I’d never want to do politics!

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