MM 3-22. In the City & Abandoned.

For this week’s Monochrome Madness submission, I wanted to share a recent shot from Atlanta, Georgia. While walking around, I was drawn to this large old abandoned building. I had passed it a few years back but never really got to look at it. This time, I did.

It took some digging but I found out that it is the Northfolk Southern Complex that was built in 1912. The property includes two buildings and an area of undeveloped land called The Gulch.


Northfolk Southern Complex

According to Wikipedia, The Gulch “area is at ground level, while the streets that surround it are elevated — they were originally elevated in the early 20th century so that traffic could more easily flow above the railroad lines passing through Downtown Atlanta.”

The all knowing site continued with some history, which I could not locate anywhere else.

Railroad tracks separate the northern and southern sections of Downtown, paralleling Alabama Street. Originally there were level grade crossings, with only one bridge, but in the 1920s a series of viaducts was constructed. This brought the entire street system up to a higher level, and thus created a “gulch” at the former street level below.

In January 2012 a master plan costing $12.2 million was completed for the Georgia Department of Transportation by Bleakly Advisory Group, Economic Development Research Group and Kimley-Horn and Associates, consultants experienced in large-scale developments. The study predicted that if the Atlanta Multi-Modal Passenger Terminal would be built adjacent to The Gulch, that

  • Over the next 30 years, there would be almost $3.1 billion in net additional investment and building in The Gulch area
  • Up to 8,600,000 square feet (800,000 m2) of additional development would take place in The Gulch and the adjacent area[3]

Under the plan, The Gulch would become part of the Green Line, a development corridor stretching from Georgia International Plaza in the west, including The Gulch, and following the rail corridor east along Underground Atlanta and terminating at Jesse Hill, Jr. Drive SE (one block southeast of Piedmont Ave.) The Gulch would be covered with parking and transit underneath and open space on top.[4]

In July 2012 redevelopment plans for The Gulch moved ahead when President Barack Obama announced the final selection of the Atlanta Multi-Modal Passenger Terminal (MMPT) as one of a small group of projects from across the country to participate in the Dashboard initiative, putting the permitting process for the Terminal on the fast track, cutting the timeline by as much as one year.[5][6]

I cannot say it looked like any progress or action was taking place, about to take pace or took place. So, not knowing anything else about the Atlanta Multi-Modal Passenger Terminal idea, I cannot confirm or deny anything else about this plan. However, if this 2012 plan is underway, maybe they are starting in some other section? Of course, I don’t live in the area, so if things have changed, I suppose I wouldn’t know. A few years ago, I remember passing that building though and can say, it just looks older and more abandoned than it did before. And all the information on it seems to stop in 2012.

On a good note though, the site is listed with another railroad station on the Georgia Trust website as a 2012 PLACES IN PERIL: HISTORIC RAILROAD BUILDINGS OF ATLANTA. After poking around that site though, I really couldn’t figure out more. Maybe that ended in 2012 as well?

Either way, it is still a wonderful old building. Well, at least to photograph that is. I can’t say its wonderful to maintain. That my friends may be another story and where the problem lies.


In color, it stands out well from the blue sky that day.


For Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness 3~22.

8 thoughts on “MM 3-22. In the City & Abandoned.

    1. I thought you might recognize it! I needed to spread out my mass of pictures to different posts. It could be something grand indeed…with some vision and a huge pile of money.

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    1. I agree. I am pretty sure that company is still in Atalanta, but just doesn’t have a station (offices only). So I can see why they wouldn’t want all that space. That made me wonder though…do people expect them to do something with their old property? But then again, if they sell it….how long can you really stay responsible for something you don’t own anymore.

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