Glowing. Regal and Surveying His Land.

When I moved, I was worried about wether or not my cat would adjust to his new home. Then there was the concern about him getting lost in the new neighborhood. So, I sequestered him for the first month to adjust to his new surroundings.

Then tentatively, I let him go outside since I makes him so happy. Below are a few shots from this spring when we planted the garden in the back yard. You can see Simba surveying his land like a king. It is almost like he is glowing as he basks in the sun.

I guess you can say he is happy.


For Nancy Merrill’s A Photo a Week Challenge ~ Glowing.


23 thoughts on “Glowing. Regal and Surveying His Land.

  1. He’s beautiful and I’m glad Simba’s adapted to his new home.

    I know there are those who are critical of allowing cats outdoors, and I know that depending on the neighbourhood, it can greatly reduce their lifespan. But I just couldn’t keep my big bruiser indoors. His energy and curiosity needs to be outdoors, but like all animals, Theo has a ‘territory’ and rarely strays from it.
    … and if I’m outside doing yard work, I can be certain Theo isn’t far from me keeping guard 🙂


    1. Oh yeah. It’s a quite county neighborhood. But with that said, there are other animals out there too. He seems to stay close though and come in and out all day long. Fortunately my dad is there to accommodate his fickle schedule, lol.


        1. What spoiled creatures we have! Sometimes Simba sits in the open doorway. We are like….make a decision. Whatever it is, you are the king, it will be right…just move! lol.


          1. So, has Simba ever come in one door and then proceeded directly to another door to be let back out again?
            Like he can’t be bothered to walk around the house, so expects to be let through the house instead!!
            My husband gets sooo annoyed when Theo does that. Makes me laugh every time!

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            1. Ha! No, but that may be because only one door seems to get used the most. The few times he has gone into the garage while the door was closed, he walked around like it was another planet. Then once I opened the door and he took off running like a monster just came in!

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    1. Yeah, the first week was awful. He howled like he was dying when I brought him to the house. He ran out of the cage we moved him in, looked around the house and then ran back into the cage. I was like…oh dear, this is not going well. So thank goodness, he has adjusted well.

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    1. He used to have a collar, but he needs a new one since that one disappear. He says in the yard most times. And we had some baby birds in a nest on the porch, but he didn’t bother them. We do find dead mice on the porch from time to time though.


  2. Beautiful cat, excellent name!! I’m not a big fan of allowing cats outdoors, the flip side is that not every cat goes farrell, it’s a crap shoot. bUT HE’S SO GORGEOUS! oops…

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    1. He definitely is not ferrell. He runs about, brings me dead mice, and surveys his land. If he travels, it most not be far from the house as he is always comes when called. And he is fluffy and cute:)

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