MM 3~25. My Garden Pet.


Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness theme this week is Cats, Dogs or Pets. Since I have posted a lot of my cat and dog at various times, I thought I would highlight a garden pet of mine.

Earlier this year, I came across a few lizards. They were perched upon some tall flowers. One was perched upon my hibiscus flower and seemed to be gazing out over the back yard. I posted iPhone pictures on my “wordy blog” here and here. (But one of those times, I was able to capture so many more, I thought I’d share them.)

Another time though, I saw presumably another lizard grasping onto a lily near my garage. I shot a few iPhone pictures of it, and then ran to go get my DSLR camera. To my surprise, the friendly lizard was still there and allowed me the honor of a full photo shoot. It was quite the model. Here are a few shots of this lovely garden pet.

My favorite shot though, did come from my iPhone. I was using a macro app and caught this close up of the lizard staring back at me. And since it appeared to be changing colors, I suppose it was a chameleon. Or maybe I was just taking pictures so long, it was changing before my eyes?


Either way, thank you garden pet. I hope you enjoyed your seeing and thank you for letting me show you off.


For Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness 3-25: Cats, Dogs or Pets.




9 thoughts on “MM 3~25. My Garden Pet.

    1. Thank you. I really couldn’t believe the creature let me take so many pictures. Perhaps it was curious about me and felt I meant no harm? Or, maybe I terrified it into staying still? Oh…I hope not.

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