Local. Wonder in my own Backyard.

My back yard has turned into a bird wonderland. Of course, none of this was due to my efforts. No, the bird playground is thanks to my dad. He has put up bird houses and makes his own bird feed. The houses must be welcoming and the feed tasty, as some days there is quite a flurry of activity.

Here is just a glimpse of a few of the sightings from one hour earlier in the summer. I hope you enjoy them.


For the Weekly Challenge ~ Local.


15 thoughts on “Local. Wonder in my own Backyard.

  1. I always call my gardens a wonderland, because my natural designs and plantings brings an array of wildlife. Your birdhouses and especially the suet will keep the birds sprinting around your gardens. The woodpeckers also are prevalent here. I know that you appreciate their presence. But I have to have special feeders to keep the squirrels on the ground and not devouring the seed. Nice that you can view your haven and think of your dad’s part in it.


    1. Suet! That was the word I was looking for but couldn’t remember it. Thanks! Yes, that day I was laying on the hammock just watching the birds and enjoying their fluttering about. It seems to be the best in the early evening as the sun is losing its intensity.
      I do love it. It still needs some work but it is a nice start and dad keeps the birds feed and the flowers watered. 🙂 I then buy most of the supplies and prepare the veggies for dinner. Team work!


  2. I love this! Since arriving in New England I have become quite fascinated by the backyard birds and we have put up multiple feeders for them, fended off squirrel attacks and I spend hours and hours watching them. Your pictures capture perfectly what i so love about this symbiotic occupation

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    1. Oh, my dad has been fended off squirrels too. The dog seems to LOVE to run out the door and down the the bird area to chase them all off. It is a lot of activity, all day long! lol

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