First Look. The Special Moment.

As promised in one of my recent posts, here are a few more shots from a 2016 Alabama wedding.

In this gallery, I will show you a “First Look.” Basically, it is where the wedding couple takes a moment before the ceremony to meet with each other. They talk, hug, kiss, cry, and sometimes share gifts. Some couples like to do it so they can have that moment to themselves, while others like it for sake of time. (As this gives us an opportunity to do a good bit of the photos before the ceremony rather than after.) And other times, they may just like both of these factors.

A First Look generally has the groom in place where he cannot see the bride. This can be done by having his back turned, having him behind something or simple having his eyes closed. Either way, the result is that he get to suddenly see his lovely bride in a private moment.

Here is part of the special moment for this couple, one who has dated since they met back in middle school….I know, they are too cute!


Do you remember when you first saw your love?


9 thoughts on “First Look. The Special Moment.

    1. It was a sweet and emotional moment to witness. It is such an honor to capture these intimate moments for people and you always hope, you do them some justice…and don’t start crying while your working.

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        1. Oh my gosh. That must have been so hard to capture without breaking down. And, I can only imagine the grief of the poor family. Oh. So sad. I hope they find peace one day. I cannot imagine that loss.

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