Chapel. Of Love & Stained Glass.

I adore stained glass windows as much as I do doors. Maybe even more since they are so rare.

Recently, I shot a wedding at a little chapel that had some simple, but elegant stained glass windows. The quaint chapel had character and charm. That was clear from the moment I saw it.

The simple elegance of the chapel was endearing. And the old door just screamed of history. It made me wish it could tell me some stories, maybe about some of the romance this chapel has seen over the years.


Once inside though, the little chapel had a wonderful surprise, some colorful stained glass windows.

I just loved the way the light filtered through the those windows! And I knew that they would offer me some great photo opportunities.

There were some other nice elements to the simple chapel besides the windows though. It offered some simple, but classy doors that offered a variety of other uses and looks.

Once the wedding started though, the small chapel filled up. And, as the second photographer, I needed to find another option on where to stand. There didn’t seem to be much point in two of us standing right next to each other taking the same picture. So, like a good Thursday Door Challenge junkie, I found another door.

This other door allowed me another view of the wedding, diferent from the other photographer friend, Jennifer from PhotoJENic. Having another view was not only nice, but it became important as once the wedding guests filled up the seats, there was limited points of view to shoot from. So, I stood outside on the back porch to get my shots.

This extra door saved the day and let us capture another look of the ceremony. Actually, it let us get a better view of many things since I didn’t have to compete with the heads of wedding guests. It also served as a great “window” to the wedding action that I figured door junkies who follow Norm 2.0’s Thursday Door Challenge would appreciate.

The back porch also served as a nice little nook to shoot some romantic shots of the happy couple.

Eventually, the couple did have to leave the chapel and go join their guests in the reception hall, which offered an entirely new set of doors.

Those will have to wait till the next Thursday door post though. Otherwise, we all may overdose on this door habit a bit too much. But, before I go, I will leave you with one more shot of the sweet little chapel and the happy couple.


If you enjoyed this post of doors, windows and love, click on over to Norm 2.0’s page. He’s the host of the Thursday Doors Challenge and always has something wonderful to share. On his page, you can also find the links to a whole list of other challenge contributors. It is really worth the clicks!


For Norm 2.0’s Thursday Door Challenge.


19 thoughts on “Chapel. Of Love & Stained Glass.

  1. It is a lovely venue and perfectly suited for an intimate wedding.

    Very clever (experienced?) move of yours to find a different point of view to shoot from. I love the photo of the door from the outside with the stained glass windows showing through from the inside.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was a nice location indeed. Yes, I can honestly say I’ve probably come close to shooting over a hundred weddings. (Give or take a few.) I’ve seen a good bit of venues and had to overcome some challenges. One of the most important is where to stand to get your shots. And, if there are two photographers, you want two spots that offer a good view but is not distracting to the guests or couple of course. Most of the times, you stay in that spot. If its an outside venue, you can move around a bit more without being too obvious. It is a fine line of getting your shot while being insignificant to the events of the day. Ironically, learning to document military actions prepared me well for weddings…go figure, lol.


    1. Thank you very much. The location was a cute little place indeed. The reception hall was an old cabin and it was full of all kinds of doors too. I will show those next Thursday though since I took so many photos.

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  2. What a quaint little chapel. Lovely doors and stained glass, plus a wedding to boot – all of that warm fuzzy feeling everywhere! Who could ask for more?
    Well done Michelle. I’m sure they’re going to love these shots 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Agreed…but with a venue/backdrop such as this, I can’t imagine them not adoring your photos. Interesting they had two photographers? Is this a new trend so not to miss anything of the special day? The ‘rules’ have changed since my wedding all those years ago…

        Liked by 1 person

        1. It’s an option that is used often. Jennifer and I worked together at a studio a few years back (before the housing market crash, which caused us to get laid off), and it was in the higher package offers. The extra photographer lets you get other angles and more photos. It is also helps things go faster as the extra photographer can help round up the bridal party/family members, hold a reflector (to keep sun glare off the lens), fix blowing hair or wrinkled dresses… So, now that Jennifer is doing her own business, I help her out from time to time when she gets that two-photographer package. I would love to do my own business, but right now the two other jobs I have interfere with that and offer a stability I don’t want to risk.

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