Doors. Everywhere you turn.

Last week’s Thursday Doors Challenge post showed you some doors and scenes from a little chapel where I shot a wedding. This week, I thought I would show you more views from that wedding.

After leaving the chapel, the happy couple and their guests walked across the path to the cabin-like reception hall, which had even more doors.

Actually, doors were the first thing I noticed upon my arrival at this location, and immediately, I thought of Norm 2.0’s door challenge since I have become an avid junkie.

I loved he texture and look of the doors outside. However, once inside the hall, there were even more views to enjoy.

Later, I went out the back door and found a covered porched area with another door view and just some added fun.

If you like doors, make sure you search Thursdaydoors in the reader. You can also go to Norm 2.0’s post. He will show some great shots of his own and then the links to all the other photographers who submitted their door shots.


For Norm 2.0’s Thursday Doors Challenge.


19 thoughts on “Doors. Everywhere you turn.

    1. Thanks! Ha, the Cialis ad made me laugh. Now that you mention it, it does. I wondered what that used it for on the porch there….ice station for drinks? Guessing there was not too many takers for an outdoor bath. But then again, different strokes for different folks.

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