Week Two. One Four Challenge. (November)

It is Week Two of the One Four Challenge, and time to fill my blank sky. If you remember from last week, my rushed photo of a grand old barn was lacking some things. The most obvious was the pure white overexposed cloudless sky.


The goal this week was to try and learn something new while doing something with a sky. First, I tried to play with the gradient tool but nothing really worked well. It may take more work…

My second option was then to take some clouds from another picture and use them to fill up this space. The sky photo I selected was one that I took in Birmingham, Alabama in 2015. I didn’t edit this photo as I really just need the sky. So this is the basic photo…


To get the sky from this photo, I selected the portion I wanted by using the Rectangular Marquee Tool, which is on the top left of the tool bar. You can selection a section by clicking and dragging on the photo.


I then pulled this rectangular selection over to the barn photo by using the Move tool. You can resize the clouds or move them about, but I just placed it directly on top of the barn photo. I then lowered the opacity to about 60 percent so I could see the barn through the clouds.

While the cloud layer was selected I started erasing the parts of the clouds that were over the barn. This is easy for the larger section. However, once you get near the edges and the small lines of the pipes, it can be very tedious. And if you do it poorly, you will get a “glow” around the edges of the parts that are cut out.

While doing this, I tried something new. Probably something I should have known already, but I didn’t nonetheless. I have used the Magic Wand tool to delete large bits of data before. But that was always on the same layer. Yet, I wondered if I selected the pipes on the barn layer and then clicked onto the cloud layer, would my Magic Wand selection still remain so I could delete the clouds over the pipes? It did! This allowed me to erase more efficiently and professionally than trying to run the eraser back and forth and back and forth. Well hey, you learn something new every day!

Outside of deleting the clouds from over the barn pipes, I also had to delete the poles come from the train in the cloud picture. Once I selected the train pipes from the cloud layer, I had to clone stamp some cloud texture in that blank area.

Once all that cloning and deleting was done, I merged the cloud and barn layers. Then, I applied the HDR Toning. In this feature, I reduced some of the clarity to soften the two layers together and then bumped up the saturation and contrast.

This was the final result.


What do you think? Any ideas on how else to make the Magic Wand tool work?

Feel free to comment and make suggestions. I find it a great way to learn and collaborate with people.

To check out the One Four Challenge, make sure you search OneFour2016 in the reader. But don’t forget to look at the host blog, Captivate Me, by clicking on the badge below.



7 thoughts on “Week Two. One Four Challenge. (November)

    1. Thank you. Yes, too often I do some things I know, but I really need to try new things to advance. So this was learning by default as I was adding a sky, which I knew how to do. Forced learning through trial and error:)

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