Week Three. One Four Challenge. (November)

For Week Three of the One Four Challenge, I started with my Week Two file.


If you remember from last week’s edit, I added a clouds to the sky since when I took it, the sky was overexposed and essentially devoid of clouds anyway. As a reminder, here is what the original looked like.


The first thing I did for this edit was to darken the cloud layer to make it more intense. Then, I merged the cloud layer and the barn layer to make them one photo to deal with.

This week, I wanted to make the photo look aged, or old. I tried a few things and did not like the result. So, I checked out good old Youtube. I found a simple edit that I liked and did a majority of the edits in there. You can find it here to see the step by step details. 

This is the result of trying all the video steps on my photo.


I achieved the result I wanted but wanted to play around some more. So, I turned off the yellowing layer to see what the effects would look like in color. I think I liked these results even better.


Which edit do you prefer? Or, would you suggest another way to age photos? I am sure there has to be several methods. This is just the first video that I tried and the first time I aged a photo where I really liked the results.

Feel free to make suggestions or offer constructive criticism. I find it a great way to learn and gauge what people like.

Don’t forget to also check out the challenge’s host blog, Captivate Me, by clicking on the badge below.




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