2017 Review. Of Monochrome Madness.

There is no official monochrome madness link this week. However, since the Christmas holiday is wrapping up, here is one recent shot to honor both the holiday and a regular challenge I did throughout the year.


The Monochrome Madness Challenge is a weekly challenge over at Leanne Cole’s site. If you are unfamiliar with it, make sure you click on over there to check it out.

Throughout the year, I regularly posted to Leanne’s Monochrome Madness. Well, fairly regularly anyway. So honor of end of year reviews, here is a flashback on some my pictures Leanne graciously posted on her site.


8 thoughts on “2017 Review. Of Monochrome Madness.

    1. Thanks! The cat is my daughter’s and it is literally the first few pictures I took with my new camera, like within the first 10. I was happy with how it turned out for just playing around. Its tough to choose a favorite as I like different elements and memories associated with them. But, if I just go off of photo elements, I would have to say the baby with stethoscope on its back. Her mom was a nurse and we tried to make some unique shots with that in mind.


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