Thursday’s Special. Pick a Word. (Jan 2017)

As a journalism major, I quickly learned that words have meaning. Words are important and have power. And just as the saying goes, a picture is worth a 1000 words.

So here goes the first Pick a Word Challenge submission for 2017. The challenge, which is featured on the Lost in Translation blog, is better explained by Paula:

For the first Thursday’s Special in 2017 I decided to challenge you with 5 Words.  You are free to choose between five different words and depict them in a photograph. Of course you may choose more than one word and post more than one photograph, or you may choose all of the words and depict them in a single image. Possibilities abound.

The words Paula chose were emerald, permeated, engorging, limpid and wholesome. Below are my visions of these words.

~ emerald ~ 



~ permeated ~  permeated


~ engorging ~ 



~ limpid ~ limpid


~ wholesome ~





3 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special. Pick a Word. (Jan 2017)

  1. This is lovely. You know you could have picked a single word, but you did them all. Your images are beautiful, your permeated and limpid are specially nice. Thank you, Nato.

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