Doors. To the Dead and Gone.

One of the things I enjoy about road trips, is the opportunity to photograph new places. Sometimes it is a grand sunset or a bold door. Other times, it is a bit more creepy. This, was one of those times.

While driving, I caught sight of an older cemetery. Naturally, it required an investigation.

As I started to walk around, I couldn’t help but notice the one building in the area. It stood grandly among the tomb stones and monuments. And, of course, it had a dynamic door that I thought was perfect for Norm 2.0’s Thursday Doors Challenge.


I really liked the look of the door and wanted to get closer to see what appeared to be a stained-glass window inside the building. However, as I was taking the pictures of the building and the door, I  heard a noise that sounded like it came from inside. I am sure it was just my over active imagination. But, to be safe and respectful, I took my couple of shots from a distance and trusted my gut…and left, backing out of the area.

Then, I walked around another section of the cemetery. On one hand, it was truly interesting to see the ornate stonework. On the other hand, it was also slightly creepy. However, the overcast sky was just so perfect for pictures. So, I walked on discovering tomb stones and monuments that were so rich in style, texture and history.

If you enjoyed these views from the cemetery, make sure you come back Friday and Saturday for the rest of my cemetery series. Or, look at my Monochrome  Madness post from earlier this week.

Meanwhile, make sure you click on over the Norm’s page to check out all the doors he finds.


For Norm 2.0’s Thursday Doors Challenge.


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