Dead. Traces From the Past.

Until I started blogging, I would have never imagined walking around a cemetery without a tragic reason. However, like I posted yesterday, I have found that cemeteries, particularly older ones, are full of wonderful images and mystery.

As I walked around the grounds, I was intrigued by the tomb stones, some of which dated back to the 1800s. I was also drawn to the decay of many of the older stones. Some had toppled over or were crumbling apart. And a few, were even caving in, leaving the area looking very creepy…and sad.

You could see the grounds were well kept and the stones where placed with as much care as possible. Yet, it was clear, the memorials of the dead were crumbling and will soon be just traces in the past.


For Lost in Translation’s Black & White Sunday Challenge ~ Traces From the Past.




17 thoughts on “Dead. Traces From the Past.

  1. Cemetaries can be awesome. When I visited Milano in February I noticed that they have a large and awesome cemtary there. I had to be at the tattoo convention all weekend and I was returning to Oslo on Tuesday, so I figured out that Monday would be the perfect day to visit the cemetary. It was a gloomy and dark day, with some rain and clouds, perfect for this type of photography.
    After a long walk there, I learned that the cemetary is closed on Mondays…

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            1. I grew up there and visited often as my parents used to live up there. Unfortunately though, my mom passed, so now my dad lives with me. But, I will make it up there again one day I am sure. I do family in northern Ohio (right off Lake Erie) though. So, I still visit that area every year or so. Nice to meet another northerner!


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