February. The Changing Seasons. (2017)

The images of death and decay continue today.

Yes, it might be slightly creepy to wander about the crypts of the dead, but they just offered so many interesting photographic opportunities that I could not resist. Frankly, it was like the placed called to me actually. I was driving around, glanced over at the old cemetery, and then suddenly, turned into the gate feeling compelled to check it out. This tends to happen with my photographic subjects–I see something of interest and then run with that gut instinct.

Trusting my instincts generally pays off. (It certainly did on a blind date, but that’s another story.) And, I would say this time paid some good photographic dividends. For most of this week, I have been showing a series of photographs from this cemetery wandering. On Tuesday, I began with a sneak peak for Monochrome Madness. On Thursday, I displayed a bold door from the grounds for a Thursday Doors Challenge. On Friday, I gave a few black and white views of tombstones dating back to the 1800s for a Traces from the Past post. And today, for my final post in the cemetery series, I’ll show you some in color views that drew my attention. It is also my submission for Cardinal Guzman’s monthly challenge, The Changing Seasons.

Anyway, let’s get on to the photos. Below are some of my favorite shots from the day. Heck, who am I kidding. I was excited about the mix of overcast skies and tombstones. So excited that I took enough photos to show you this one visit all week. Well, no one can deny my enthusiasm. But you can take a look yourself…

Well, I hope you enjoyed my week-long series through the cemetery. If you are not familiar with challenges/bloggers I mentioned above, make sure you check them out. Here are their home pages:

Cardinal Guzman

Norm 2.0

Leanne Cole Photography

Lost in Translation



Click on the badge to see Cardinal’s February post for his challenge.

13 thoughts on “February. The Changing Seasons. (2017)

  1. Ah, another one who loves wandering around a churchyard! Lovely images and the overcast sky worked in your favour. I went past a small church on a bus last week and caught sight of an angel among the graves. Now I am waiting for a dry day so I can return there. Not that I am obsessive 🙂

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    1. They are so interesting, especially the older ones. On the news the other day, I saw that a graveyard in Philly was vandalized. Hundreds of Jewish tombstones were broken and flipped. So sad! Why would anyone do that? And wouldn’t messing with graves be some bad karma!?

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