Doors. To Beginnings & Love.

As a door aficionado and proud member of Norm 2.0’s Thursday Doors Challenge cult…gang…group…um, club, I am always looking for doors.

In my wanderings, I find an interesting batch of doors. Occasionally, I will find a glorious proud set of doors. Other times, I find a glimpse into the past when I come upon some old doors with a story. Or, of late, I stumble upon creepy doors that assuredly have stories but remain untold. Often though, I seem to find that doorways are more of conduit to something new. As by design, doors bring us from one place to another. They transport us from our current scene to a future one. However, once we walk through them, our future becomes our present. And with some doors, we are forever different.

These moments of change are never more obvious than at weddings.

For several reasons, it is now common for brides and grooms to do what is called a “first look.” This is basically a moment where the bride and groom see each other for the first time, before the actually wedding ceremony. It allows them to share this moment privately. (Well, privately with their photographers nearby.) By doing this, they can have that moment to see each other for the first time, alone. It also allows them to do a good majority of the wedding photos prior to the ceremony, since they have already seen each other. This means, the reception party can get started even quicker, which families really enjoy.

Anyway, what I enjoy most is those moments before the “first look.” Whether I am with the bride or the groom, there is always a moment of reflection, anticipation and excitement. It is in those moments, you can capture some raw feeling.

In these shots, the bride was inside a doorway as she waited for the signal from the other photographer who was preparing the groom. I noticed the way the light fell on her and and took a quick posed shot.


Then, I just left her alone with her thoughts, moving about quietly to document the moments before she saw her groom for the fist time.

The doors themselves were not necessarily amazing alone. However, they were her portal to a new beginning. And once she walked out that door, she started a new chapter of her life. So, you have to respect the power of those simple doors.



For Norm 2.0’s Thursday Doors Challenge.


18 thoughts on “Doors. To Beginnings & Love.

  1. Wonderful shots Michelle. I kinda like this first look notion, especially the way it can speed up the post ceremony festivities. I’ve been to enough weddings where guests were left to wait around an eternity while the couple just disappears with the photographer.

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    1. Yes, it certainly has a more efficient flow for the guests. And frankly, I think it can be a more intimate moment for the couple. The first time they see each other is just them. They typically hug, cry, kiss…Its quiet and private. However, there is something powerful about watching a bride go down the isle and seeing the look on a groom’s face. I guess this is one of those very divided issues.

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    1. It’s a mix here. Some like it. Others love the more traditional way. I can see the appeal of both. As a photographer, the first look option is nice as it generally allows people to be more relaxed and have more fun in the photos. After the ceremony, everyone is usually focused on the reception, so it can be hard at times to get everyone in the bridal party and families to get together for all the photos.


    1. Thank you. I would have tried to take about 20 more photos in that lovely light. However, there comes a point when you need to make sure you are just documenting the day and not overwhelming them with photo demands. If I could I’d take entire photo shoots in all these little corners, lol.

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    1. Thank you. Yes, it is very popular it seems. It can be a nice mix of the moments of first seeing each other combined with goal of getting to the reception quicker so the guests are not waiting.

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