March. The Changing Seasons. (2017)

March has been a bit intense for me (and threw me off my blogging schedule).  I had two straight weeks of military competitions to cover. So it was a lot of photos and videos to edit and upload. And, being that I like a challenge, they were for two completely separate organizations. One competition was in Georgia for an active duty unit. While the other, was in Texas for a Reserve unit.

I was just thankful that one ended one day and the other began the next morning. Now I am back home and trying to find a new routine. Well, until the next batch of trips come up. But hey, I am up for travel and new photo opportunities.

For this month’s submission for Cardinal Guzman’s The Changing Seasons Challenge, I thought I would show you some of one competition. This competition here is for the Army Reserve and was a command-level Best Warrior Competition. Basically, that is where a select number of Soldiers compete in a week’s worth of events that range from a physical fitness test to firing their weapon to writing an essay.

Anyway, here are some of the views that I captured during the week…

Now doesn’t that look like more fun to photograph than to do? I think I definitely had the better end. Though….I was tempted to try it.

Anyway, that was a bit more than the 5-20 photos in a gallery like Cardinal’s challenge guidelines require. However, like Cardinal said in his March post, “I obviously have troubles counting and I don’t follow my own guidelines…”

Ha! Well Cardinal. You know what the saying is about examples. Now, we are both just running amuck with a deluge of photos.

But hey, in this case, at least I wasn’t having to run amuck on this obstacle course.



The Changing Seasons is a Monthly Photo Challenge started by



8 thoughts on “March. The Changing Seasons. (2017)

    1. Thanks Dan. I have been like geek excited because a few have been used on Go Army and DoD and US Army Reserve headquarter pages! It’s like super bragging rights among public affairs folks!

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