Winter~Water. Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge.

It’s been a while since I played along in one of Cee’s Challenges. So here goes a few shots from a recent trip to Niagara Falls for Cee’s Winter-Water challenge. Of course, I have about 100 more pictures from this trip. But for now, this will give you a taste of the chilly April air from both the United States and Canadian sides of the falls.





4 thoughts on “Winter~Water. Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge.

    1. Thanks Cee! I miss your challenges. New job has me running here and there. But part of it is taking me to cool places so it’s worth it:)


  1. Great photos Michelle. These falls are so interesting to me also in terms of the geology over the last Ten to 20K years of evolution since the end of our last ice age. Beautiful!!

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    1. I was mesmerized by them. I think I took all possible angle of pictures and at all sides. So more to share later. Yes, they are indeed amazing in their geology. I can’t believe this grand thing is just there with neighborhoods and stores close by. It’s so normal before that and then – bam, a glorious wonder!

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