Doors. Cobwebs, Chickens & a Horse.

In between the chaos that I call my life, I search for doors. I never used to until I stumbled across blogging, and specifically one blog challenge — Norm 2.0’s Thursday Doors.

Prior to joining Norm’s groupie following of door-obsessed photographers, I just looked at doors as portals. They were just one more way to travel from one place to another. I mean, I always appreciated good architecture, but the door was just part of the package. It never really stood out as its own statement.

Now, things are different. Norm has changed my perspective. Take this week’s door for example. It is a door I have seen for years. It is the barn where my horse is boarded. I see this door several times a month or even a week depending on my free time.


The door has not changed. Well, it has aged over the years and probably accumulated more cobwebs and dirt. However, it was me that changed to finally notice its personality. So as I stood there for the millionth time, I saw the door for the first time, like really saw it. I noticed its texture, its dirt, it character. I saw the cobwebs clinging to the “keep closed” sign. I saw the rusty chain. Then, funny enough, I saw one of the horses peeking over the wall at me. As he tried to remind me of his presence and need for treats, I laughed. What a perfect edition to my door photo.

Then, as I turned around, away from the door I passed so many times but just saw for the first time, I noticed the chickens. I watched them move about and check out the area. They were so content in their meager surroundings. And they too were oblivious to the door I ignored for all these years.


For Norm 2.0’s Thursday Doors Challenge.

6 thoughts on “Doors. Cobwebs, Chickens & a Horse.

  1. I have been a horrible horse owner lately. I haven’t been out much due to the new job. Of course, I don’t think she misses me much. She is just as happy hanging out in the pasture with her buddy. I am starting to think she may only like my visits because I come with treats. Tolerates me for the snacks, lol. But, I do love that old stubborn mare.

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