Doors. Across from the Park.

One of the bonuses of traveling to new places for work, is getting new photos. Regardless of if this is during work or after work, there is a sense of adventure in the discoveries.

And while discovering things, there are normally some doors involved. Recently, I was in Rochester, N.Y. I was driving about the town and came across a park with a castle, which I will show you later. And while at this park, I looked across the street to see two quaint houses with absolutely terrific doors.

I have to say, I thought these houses were adorable. It made me want to walk around the neighborhood more. In fact, there was another neighborhood I passed that had some amazing homes with equally fabulous doors as well. However, it was raining pretty bad by then and could only be photographed while on foot…..oh well. Those door will wait till another trip perhaps.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these couple of lovely homes on your brief look in to Rochester, N.Y.

Now, go visit Norm 2.0’s Thursday Door Challenge to see what he has in store for you.


For Norm 2.0’s Thursday Door Challenge


12 thoughts on “Doors. Across from the Park.

  1. Nice finds. That turquoise and white one seems to be a unanimous hit – for good reason of course. Too bad the weather wouldn’t co-operate. I’m sure in a neighborhood like that you’d have found many more beauties 🙂

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    1. Oh there were some amazing houses. I was about to walk in rain and just cover my camera. But my rental was losing pressure in tire. So I took that as a sign that the tire was more important than my door pics, lol. And probably not good to risk rain all on my camera.

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  2. No shilly-shallying about for me this week. The white house with the turquoise is my favorite. Love it! I know about the rain, too, as we’ve been having a lot here and also last weekend when we visited our daughter in Philly.


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    1. It so great that we all enjoy meandering about photographing our world, isn’t it? Yeah, the rain put a damper on my door photos. The day I got these photos though, I was lucky and just had some little showers here and there. The overcast skies were perfect for my cemetery photos that I got right before finding these houses. Soon to share!

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  3. The turquoise door and window frames are just lovely, they really set off the white house. The character of older homes are so inviting…I hope you have a chance to get back to NY and that neighborhood.

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    1. Me too. It was a good visit. I went there for a military assignment and got to link up with a girl I went to an Army school with over 10 years ago too. So I found new photos, got work done/paid, and met up with a friend. That is a win, win, win.

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