May. The Changing Seasons. (2017)

Wait. It’s not May still?

That’s OK. This is one of the various events that kept me busy in May anyhow and my late submission for Cardinal Guzman’s The Changing Seasons Challenge.

I wish I would have looked this cool and glamorous at my prom! However, it was the 80s and I had big hair. Alas, I will have to settle on taking photos of stylish young folks instead.

Happy Changing Seasons Challenge. Don’t forget to click on over to Cardinal’s May submission too.



The Changing Seasons is a Monthly Photo Challenge started by


3 thoughts on “May. The Changing Seasons. (2017)

  1. Hehe, that’s fashionably late! 😀 Late or not, it doesn’t matter. Great photos and a great way to show the changing seasons. We don’t have prom here and I’m glad I didn’t have to attend anything like that at that age. The photos would have looked horrible!! 😀

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    1. One day, I should dig up my pictures. They are so awkward and funny. Oh and I’m getting June and July posts ready too. I’ve been taking pictures but sitting down to work on personal pictures just hasn’t happened.

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