Dog. Patriotic & Happy.

This is Guy. He likes patriotic decor, long walks anywhere and yummy snacks.


Technically, he is my daughter’s dog, but she is off a college. So he officially became my dog. Then, I got a new job that requires lots of travel. So now, he is by all accounts, my dad’s dog since he seems to be the one feeding him and caring for his daily needs.

So you see, Guy is a multigenerational dog. He’s not picky. Just love him and he will love you back. And, when you do, he will even do a little modeling for you. Just don’t ask him to stay still too long though. That’s kind of hard. But these are a couple of the many where I managed to catch him still for a second.



Oh and yes, I painted that pallet yard art, once my boyfriend cut it to be more a rectangle rather than a square.


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