Belt Buckles. One for Everyone.

Some time back, I was at a flea market of sorts. While there, I found a table covered in belt buckles. There was every kind imaginable. Different shapes. Different sizes. Different messages.

This one caught my eye as bold. I wondered, who would really wear this? I mean, don’t most people like sex? Isn’t this obvious? Is it really necessary to announce it?

It got me wondering about how so many things are sexualized in the world. It’s everywhere in marketing. Bottom line is sex sells. I guess that is because most people want it. We just try to not be obvious about it and sell things through innuendo and suggestion. That way, it doesn’t come across as trashy, forward or explicit. If its just highly suggestive, that seems to be ok. Right?

But hey, at least the wearer of this belt buckle would be honest and upfront. No hidden meaning there. So is that better or worse that hinting with innuendo?

Guess that’s for each person to decide.

Anyway, just for fun, I played with the belt buckle photo and created a little montage/abstract art…and no, I didn’t buy the buckle.



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