Door. To Faith, Love, Peace & Hope.

My recent travels took me to Utah where I found a grand church. Well, the Saint George Latter-Day Saints Tabernacle to be specific. And of course, I found some doors and more for Norm 2.0’s Thursday Door Challenge.

The main entrance was a long procession of steps leading up to a simple yet elegant entrance, which was duplicated on the other side as well.


The tabernacle was quite impressive from the street and seems to have an equally impressive history. According to some sites online, it was built in the mid 1800s.

“In 1863 St. George became the county seat for Washington County. That same year the construction of the St. George LDS Tabernacle began. It was completed in 1875. Before the tabernacle was completed, on 9 November 1871 work commenced on the St. George LDS Temple. Construction of the temple was a cooperative effort of many communities in southern Utah. The area was suffering from a monetary depression, and a work project was needed in which employment would mean food for families. The building cost $800,000 and was dedicated on 6 April 1877. Other important area buildings from the pioneer era include the historic courthouse (1870) and the social hall and opera house (1875).”

As I walked around the grounds, I noticed several other doors: a wedding entrance door, a volunteer door, a maintenance door, a baptism door. A lot of very specific doors. I suppose with a church that big, it’s important to tell people where to go.

Anyway, here are some of the views I saw for you to enjoy.

For a building built in the 1800s, I would say it looks like its in exceptional condition and obviously, well taken care of.

To see more doors, check out Norm 2.0’s challenge and click on the link below for his door post this week.


For Norm 2.0’s Thursday Door Challenge.



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