Doors. Stories of Soldiers long gone.

As a travel around the United States, I am always in search of images. I cannot help it. I just see in photographs, even when I have no camera in hand.

I cannot even tell you how many times I have driven by something and thought, I really should turn around to capture that. Many times I cannot. And then, I almost always wish I did.

In this case, I saw the abandoned barracks one day and planned to return to the site when I had a few free minutes. This delayed trip actually worked out for the best as when I returned, it was a gloomy, overcast day.

I pulled my rental car in between all the barracks so I could wander around the abandoned site for a few minutes and not draw attention to myself. Then, I started to walk around to capture the vacantness of what was once filled with a hub of Soldier activity.

As I walked around, I couldn’t help but wonder what stories these building had to share. Assuredly, they housed Soldiers and contained some offices. But clearly, this was not the case anymore.

Now, it was just empty, unkept and abandoned. Yet, it still had some charm. Well, the kind of charm you’d find in a weathered piece of décor to display. As I am sure the charm of living in working in such conditions would not be nearly as nostalgic. (Of course, I can tell you that I have lived in buildings such as these, and worse, while preparing to deploy and while being deployed. So, beauty is in the eye of the resident…or photographer it seems.)

Anyway, as I was walking around, I swear I saw some movement in the building behind me — like a car driving within the compound. It happened so fast that I was not sure if I saw it though. I stopped and looked. I wondered. Where did that car come from since my car was in the entrance area road, and this car appeared to be driving the opposite direction?  Of course, I didn’t drive around the entire compound, so there may have been another entrance. It’s possible. Either way, I figured I better get moving. And then, right then, a huge clap of thunder burst out, making me jump and scream. Yeah, it was time to go.

I started jogging over to the car and literally as I put my hand on the car door, the sky opened up into the kind of downpour where you cannot even see to drive. It was pretty intense. For the sake of my camera, I am glad the mystery car and booming thunder got my attention that I have overstayed my welcome.

However, I had stayed long enough to gather some content for Norm 2.0’s Thursday Door challenge.  (Which has been a hot minute since my last post on that…or anything.)


For Norm 2.0’s Thursday Door post this week.

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