Happy Place. Safe and Up a Tree.

Cats vs. dogs. It is not always a struggle. At my house, the dog and cat are friends. But, this is not always the case in the streets apparently…

As I was walking down the street with some friends and their two dogs, we came upon this beautiful cat. The dogs found him a little to interesting and started barking and pulling on their leashes. Almost instantly, the cat darted up into the tree to look down on us mockingly.

He seemed quite content there in his perch looking down upon the silly dogs that were making such a scene. There in his happy place, he waited for us to go, and probably laughed.


For the Daily Post Week Photo Challenge ~ Happy Place.

8 thoughts on “Happy Place. Safe and Up a Tree.

    1. This cat was so cute. He just sat there watching us and seemed to be saying, whatever. But he clearly did not trust us in the first place since he darted up the tree.

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