Sunrise. Romance on the Rocks.

While in Barbados, my boyfriend were early birds. We loved waking up and watching sunrises. One morning, we got up extra early though and headed out in a taxi to a magical place of legends-Bathsheba.

“Legend has it that Bathsheba, wife of King David, bathed in milk to keep her skin beautiful and soft. Legend also says that the surf covered white waters of Bathsheba, Barbados rich in minerals and life is said to resemble Bathsheba’s bath in both appearance health giving value.”

As we watched the sunrise, we were in awe of its beauty and tried to capture it. In my excitement, I had forgot my tripod though. Aaahhh! Critical error. However, my Soldier skills taught me to adapt and overcome. I propped my camera on rocks, the ground and trees. I managed to get some shots I was happy with luckily. Below is one of my favorites that I was editing this week.


I do wonder what I could have captured with my tripod and more slow exposure practice…. I guess I will just have to return one day to find out.

More pictures from this romantic morning will follow soon.


Favorite 2015 photo for the Thursday Challenge


Photo Friday’s ~ Vacation Snaps



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