Fall. See you Next Year.

Fall official ends on Thanksgiving for me. I hate to see it go too since I love all things autumn: colorful leaves, spiced cider, black bean pumpkin chili….

However, when fall ends, the Christmas season begins. And, I adore Christmas just as much. So, farewell fall. I will see you next year and you will be just as welcome then as you were this year:)

10 DEC door

(This is my simple fall door by the way.)


For Norm 2.0’s Thursday Doors Challenge.

Join the fun and post the doors you see:)


8 thoughts on “Fall. See you Next Year.

    1. Good memory! I just moved in July, mid month at that. I have most rooms pretty organized too. Well, there is one room full of boxes and another has no furniture yet, but others are liveable and in order….for now.


    1. I agree. September-November are my ‘I Love Fall’ months. There is everything from bonfires to pumpkin decor to sweaters (yes, even here in Georgia). Come December, it is time for Christmas decor, peppermint cookies and cozy nights by a fireplace.

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