Letters. All 26 of Them.

OK, so I am late to the party. However, I like to call it fashionable late. That is a bit more stylish and cool. Yeah. Let’s go with that.

I noticed an A to Z type of challenge where you post a photo of the alphabet each week. Of course, I didn’t see it in the first couple of weeks. Then life interfered with a few other weeks. So I decided to just keep saving my pictures until I had the entire alphabet ready. So today is the day. In response to Let There be Peace on Earth’s 26 Weeks Letter Challenge, here is my A to Z life of recent.

I think they are in week J right now. So click below to see the host’s week A and go from there to catch up.


For the 26 Weeks Letter Challenge



6 thoughts on “Letters. All 26 of Them.

    1. Thank you you! It seemed like a fun and interesting challenge. So I just kept digging for things and saving them. I wasn’t organized enough to find them in order though, lol.


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