Doors. Most Glamorous Barn Ever.

One of the weddings I helped photograph recently was at a barn. Literally, a barn. Well, technically, a set of barns. Yet, this set of barns was the most glamorous set of barns I have ever seen. And, it included some of the most wonderful doors. Take a look at these few outside doors that caught my eye.

As I was walking around looking for little places to to photograph the bride and groom, I was like, hey, there is a cool door. Oh, look at that cool door…and that one. It was like a door overload. So I snapped a few on move and then, planned to use some as backdrops for some portraits.


Like this door. I loved everything from the door itself to the decor around it. The whole scene was perfect. So, all I did was add a beautiful bride.

Then, just inside one of the barns, was even more door wonderment. As I walked back further into the area, I found this lovely door that was illuminated with soft light.

img_0019From the door shape, wood and surrounding decor, it was more door perfection. And again, a great place to bring the bride.

Even the hallway, was full of fun and unique doors! Here are a few that I managed to grab running to and fro.

And just before the bride left the building to go walk down the isle, I caught this candid shot of her in that hall, which called out for some selective color editing.


So, you can see that doors and brides go together very easily. However, there is no bride without a groom. Therefore, where there is a loving bride and groom and doors with character, you can find even more inspiration for fun photos.

This collection of doors is not complete though. I still have editing of the glamorous barn door wedding to go. But, you have seen this adorable couple on my blog the past two days. I used them as a Together post on Tuesday, and a Monochrome Madness post on Wednesday. And, as I still have more doors pictures and shots of them, so you will probably see more photos of them in the future.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoyed this blend of doors and love. Now, head on over to Norm 2.0’s page to see what his doors have in store for you.

Oh, and my friend, Jen, who I help with weddings from time to time also blogs. You can find her blog and pictures here.


For Norm 2.0’s Thursday Door Challenge.


18 thoughts on “Doors. Most Glamorous Barn Ever.

    1. Oooh, that sounds wonderful. I love outdoorish weddings…of course they are crazy hot here in GA! Oh, you will see that Jen is amazing! We used to work together at a photo studio. Then got laid off back when the financial market had its housing issues. But she found the courage to start her own business. I was too scared and took a government job.

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    1. Thanks Dan. It was a fun wedding and a wonderfully sweet couple. Put some doors in there and it was a great photo event indeed. Thanks-yeah, I was looking at that photo and thought some selective color editing might fit it well. Glad you thought it worked.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL-I was trying to be aware of that as I was helping a friend with a wedding she booked. I didn’t want her to go….why are there soooo many door pictures? I think if you are editing the pictures though, you can always save the venue pics for just you. Or…you could offer them to the place?

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    1. It is a beautiful “event” center now. I have a few more doors to show too. I still have the “reception” barn and the “chapel” barn to go, with of course some shots of the bride and groom too, lol.

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