Door. Open & Full of Love.

Today’s door post is from a recent wedding that had doors galore. In fact, the location provided so many shots, that I have to split them up into several posts. In my first post from this wedding, I focused just on the adorable couple. In a later post, I showed you some of the grand doors around the barn and how they made great backdrops for portraits.

For this post, I wanted to show you another view. This view is the “main event” door. I called it the chapel barn. The “door” at the end of the chapel barn was partially open as the door was really a gate than a door. But, I have a feeling Thursday Door Challengers will still find it interesting and an acceptable submission nonetheless.

What I loved about the “door” was its simple elegance. The gate was closed with a cross and yet still open to the view of the world. It was a great view by itself, but made a lovely backdrop once you added the bridal party.

The Bible quote on love above the door was just an added touch of perfection in my opinion. The quote, if you can’t see it well, comes from Song of Solomon 3:4, and states “I have found the one whom my soul loves.”

Oooohhh, sweet love. It is so beautiful to witness, and if it happens around some great doors and meaningful quotes, this photographer is in heaven.

Stay tuned for more posts from this wedding and a few others I shot recently. I have built up quite a backlog to post now…but that is always a good thing.

And don’t forget to go check out Norm 2.0, the host of the Thursday Door Challenge, by clicking on the link below.


For Norm 2.0’s Thursday Door Challenge.



12 thoughts on “Door. Open & Full of Love.

  1. Lovely photos. It reminds me of our wedding way back in the seventies. We lived in a newly formed parish and our church was made of corrugated iron. It looked like a giant workman’s hut and served as a school during the week. We could have been married in a traditionally built church in another parish, as everyone else did at the time. As I had originally wanted to be married in a field of spring flowers (I know what you’re thinking – hippie – and you’d be correct) a workman’s hut was the next best thing, lol. The Franciscan brother who married us was delighted, as we were the first couple to get hitched in the parish – and in the ‘hut’ ๐Ÿ™‚

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