October. One Photo Focus.

This month’s One Photo Focus is a cell phone shot from Y. Prior of Priohouse. As usual, Stacy, the host of the monthly challenge, says to use our imaginations when we edit another photographer’s photograph. 

As I looked at the photo, which is from the Jefferson Hotel in Richmond, Virginia, I decided to play with the colors.

In the original shot, you can see the variety of colors. However, I wanted to enhance them and add a more golden tone.


But before getting to the colors, I did a little tweaking in the Filter Gallery of Photoshop CS5. In there, I selected the Dry Brush filter and adjusted the options that you see in the screen shot.


This little adjustment seemed to add a subtle distinction to the photo. After that, I went to the Adjustments tab in Photoshop and chose selective color. While in that screen, you can play with each color (black, red, yellow, green, cyan…) and adjust it to something slightly different or something completely different.

My goal was to add a more golden warm tone to the photo, and then do a little crop. Here is what I came up with.


After these edits though, I still didn’t feel very creative though. So, I went to my phone editing app, Hipstamatic. There, I fumbled around and came up with another color option and a soft dreamy glow. Here is what it looked like after the phone app editing and a square crop. For those interested in what I did, the screen shot below summarizes what I did, which is good as I don’t think I could remember my path.
hipstamaticphoto-497316105-910335img_9833 Feel free to tell me what you think. I love the input, especially when it is constructive criticism. Frankly, there is always more to learn, so the view points of others is really valuable.

Now, don’t forget to go to Stacy’s blog, Visual Venturing. Her October One Photo Focus post will show her edit but everyone else’s as well. It really is interesting to see everyone’s edits and talents in one link!




2 thoughts on “October. One Photo Focus.

  1. Hi well I love the blur around the edges in your final (or second one) – and for some reason – it has a christmas color feel – with the green of the front plant and the red – and the soft focus edge – just felt that.
    I also liked the golden glow on the first image- even though my eyes adjust every time I look at it – but how you managed to have the carpet glow is cool…

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