Seasons. Monthly Photo Challenge (September).

In effort to get back on track with the Monthly Photo Challenge, I am breaking the rules somewhat. I know. I know. But rules were meant to be broken. On the bright side, these pictures were taken for this challenge specifically. I just never used them as I took way too many to use in one post last time.

Therefore, here goes my challenge pictures for the month of “September” for Cardinal Guzman’s monthly photo challenge. They were all taken in the same area I have used every month, the Columbus, Georgia downtown area. They just were not taken in officially in September though. That makes two out of three rules followed, not bad odds normally. I hope you forgive me Cardinal:)

If you are unfamiliar with the challenge, search #TheChangingSeasons and/or #MonthlyPhotoChallenge in the reader to see other blog submissions. The challenge guidelines can be found on the host page, Cardinal Guzman, by clicking on the badge below.

The Changing Seasons is a Monthly Photo Challenge started by

7 thoughts on “Seasons. Monthly Photo Challenge (September).

  1. Haha, I broke that same rule myself this summer (in June or July I think it was?). Rules-schmules. The photos are great and it got you out & about to photograph and that’s the most important thing. I’ve had so much to do lately that I didn’t even notice your post before now, one week after you posted it.

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    1. Rule followers are just boring anyway. Life follows no rules so we should break a few here and there too, lol. I remember your rule breaking month! So I blame you for setting a bad example for me. Hahahah. Ok, so this weekend, I am off work and free of chores and errands. My goal is to go get some budding fall pictures. Fingers crossed that I can find at least a few minutes!


      1. Perhaps I’ll try to capture a few shots this weekend too… I haven’t really felt like photographing lately and I’ve spent most of my available time at the gym (which is a good & healthy substitute).

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        1. Yes, the gym is a healthy substitute for sure. If you combine tasks, you may be the creeper with a camera at the gym. Yeah, keep those separate, lol. Ok, well, I guess we will both see if we make it out to shoot or not! Good luck.


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