Red Door. A Little Color Splash.

While wandering about New Jersey/Pennsylvania  last week, I drove by this house. Immediately, I thought, ‘What a nice door.’ So of course I had to stop the car, back up and take a shot of it (from the car). Needless to say, there was no traffic around me. I did wonder though, if someone noticed me and wondered what in the heck I was doing. If I saw someone photographing my house or my neighbors, I wouldn’t immediately think, ‘Oh, they must be a blogger and like photographing doors.’ No. I would probably think it was something more suspicious and sinister. That must be the security conscious Soldier part of me though.  The blogger me seems to just stop for all photo ops! Happy Thursday Door day:)

13 OCT~~~~~~~~~~~~

For Norm 2.0’s Thursday Door Challenge.

12 thoughts on “Red Door. A Little Color Splash.

  1. I have notes for the rights that door photographers should be granted but I think Norm’s rules will be more beneficial. I’ve broken some.

    This is a very cool door. I like the panel arrangement. Good choice stopping for thst photo.

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    1. Yeah, I did stop in the road and back up for this one. Granted, no one was around. Well, no one other than the lady in the house next door who was looking out her window. And this was just after the road closed sign. I figured a counted as “through traffic” like the residents of that street.

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  2. Nice one. Your comments about what others might think reminds me of an idea I had to write a Thursday Doors do’s and don’ts post soon. You know, like trespassing, blocking traffic, illegal U-turns…all of which I’ve been tempted to do at times myself 😉

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