Forbidding. Creepy Old Neighbor.


While traveling, I happened to notice this old home. I’ve seen structures like this before, but this one seemed more forbidding, more creepy. Yes, the structure itself leans toward scary and hazardous. However, I think its location is what made it a bit more ominous.

This old home was just on the other side of the fence from my hotel, and right behind a restaurant. It seemed oddly placed among those structures. Yet, I suppose this antique was there first. So, maybe the hotel and the restaurant are oddly placed?

Either way, it gave off a very forbidding appearance. I did manage to sneak over to grab some shots though…in the broad afternoon daylight of course.



9 thoughts on “Forbidding. Creepy Old Neighbor.

    1. I am too. They are so intriguing. I got a few more shots as I got closer, but I’ll show those later since I was in a time crunch.


  1. An excellent image for “forbidding”…just the sort of place I would like to happen upon – in broad day light, of course! Will you show us any more images??

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    1. I did get a few shots of the inside. Well, the view of inside while I stood outside, lol. I wasn’t that brave to go in. I wasn’t sure if I’d find a squatter or the floor would hold me. I’ll try to post them soon though. I was going to add to this but ran out of time.

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