Fixer Upper. Doorway to Disrepair.


This weathered green door was a little discovery while I was in South Carolina on military duty. Literally right next door to my hotel, just behind a privacy fence, was this abandoned home that I posted for Lost in Translation’s Forbidding challenge.

Naturally, I took more than one photo, so I figured I would share some, especially since Sue from WordsVisual asked about more photos on that post. And while looking at the photos, I realized there was a wonderful door that needed its own feature. However, there was much more than an intriguing door. Here are the other views from the shamble of a house.

When I look at abandoned structures like this, my mind wanders. What happened to the family that owned it? Was this place filled with loving memories or ones that should fade into the past? I almost wish I had some superpower that would let me see the stories of a place while standing there. I have no idea if that power has a name, but it would be similar to the power shown in movie The Green Mile, but for places not people. If you are unfamiliar with the movie, essentially there is a character that can lay his hands on another person and see their actions, thoughts, and fears. Like a movie playing in his head, he can see all that the other person has experienced. Of course, this power doesn’t just show them the beautiful stories and thoughts. No. Sometimes what is seen is quite horrid.

Maybe it’s best to just imagine then. Perhaps the memories of some abandoned places should remain just that – abandoned.

Seeing too much ugliness in the world could be draining, like it was for John Coffey. It made him as “tired as a sparrow in the rain.”


For Norm 2.0’s Thursday Door Challenge.




42 thoughts on “Fixer Upper. Doorway to Disrepair.

  1. Great selection of photos of that old building. We see a lot of old stone cottages dotted around the countryside here in Ireland and I always wonder about the families that once lived in them and why they might have left.

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  2. Love the perspective in the first shot, Michelle, and enjoyed all the shots. I understand about wondering about the stories behind broken-down houses. I guess wondering is one of the good things that comes out of them. πŸ™‚


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    1. I do love to wander about new places with my camera. I really want to walk downtown of an old city and shoot photos. However, depending on the city, I am not sure if I would want to be wandering about by myself. But I think I may worry a bit too much about that. Perhaps it’s a side effect of deployments-thinking there is danger on every corner. When my boyfriend wanted to go off the resort in Barbados, I was all nervous, lol. But generally my foreign country travels have been places that don’t like us, or at least a certain portion don’t anyway. I might need to relax some?! πŸ™‚

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        1. I feel that way too. Try to always watch out for “creepers.” But I do have to realize, not everyone is a potential threat like on deployment…but they could so I need to watch them, lol.

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        1. Thank you! I need to catch up on my reading of other blogs. I feel like I am drowning these days and miss my reading of blogs and posts. Hopefully, I can get back into a rhythm soon.

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            1. It’s hard to keep up for sure. And, it’s a big birthday weekend here. So about to run off to the beach for the weekend. Balancing work, blogs, family and a social life is hard at times! But I don’t want to give anything up:)

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        1. Yeah, I would feel mortified if I was standing there and someone approached me: What are you doing?! I don’t think “blogging research” would help much. And being a female, there is the safety concern since squatters could be in some of these buildings.

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